Semantically-Enabled Scientific Data Integration

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We have formed a collaboration between GEOsciences Network (GEON), Semantic Web for Earth Environment Technologies (SWEET) and Virtual Solar-Terrestrial Observatory (VSTO) which is developing and integrating a suite of ontological representations for the Sun-Earth System and apply them to: Scientific Data Integration.

The developed search and retrieval data integration capabilities would provide scientific value-added access to specific datasets spanning geological records, climate records, and solar records with a unifying theme of quantifying forcings for climate variability and change. Our baseline data sets include data from vulcanology (the World Volcano database, and rocks), micro, regional and global climate indicators such as temperature and precipitation records, and space-based, ground-based and theoretical constructions of solar irradiance.

This fully functional demonstration of the connection or collaboration of existing discipline-specific science and data domains using formal semantic representations of the science terminology (as distinct from attempting to interoperate at a much lower data terminology level) will then enable the connection to be re-used and applied between other NASA research focus areas, i.e. specific scientifically related disciplines that heretofore have been unable to rapidly and effectively exchange science data without the willing participation of experts.

Peter Fox - PI, NCAR
Krishna Sinha - Co-PI, Virginia Tech
Robert Raskin - Co-PI, Jet Propulsion Lab

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