ESDIS Metrics System (EMS)

EMS collects and organizes various metrics from the EOSDIS Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs) and other Data Providers. EMS allows project management and authorized users access to metrics information on number of users, type and amount of data archived and distributed, and other related information. The metrics data and the analysis reports generated from EMS provides NASA managers the information needed to determine how to best apply resources to support the science community.

EMS collects and analyzes data on the usage of products and services stored in databases or delivered via the Internet. EMS provides a full range of services and support to assist its metrics providers.

Data File Metrics

Web Page Metrics


For information or assistance, please contact Earthdata Support.


The following documents are provided for EMS Data Providers to familiarize them with software interfaces between an EMS Data Provider and the EMS and information they will need to begin providing data file and web metrics to EMS.

EMS Documents

Data File Documents

NetInsight Documents

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