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Open Data, Services and Software Policies

NASA established the Earth Science Division to understand and protect our home planet through the use of advanced technologies and our view from space in order to study the Earth and improve the analysis and prediction of Earth system change.

To best meet these goals, NASA's Earth Science Data Systems (ESDS) program promotes the full and open sharing of all data, metadata, documentation, models, images and research results, and the source code used to generate, manipulate, and analyze them.

Scientific knowledge is most robust and actionable when derived from transparent, traceable, and reproducible methods. Reproducibility relies upon open access to the data and software used to achieve results. The greater the availability of these tools, the more quickly and effectively user communities can utilize the information to answer basic Earth science questions and provide the basis for developing innovative practical applications to benefit society.

Data and Information Policy

NASA promotes the full and open sharing of all data with research and applications communities, private industry, academia, and the general public.

Read the full ESDS Data and Information Policy.

Open Source Software Policy

ESDS supports the development of software and tools that add value to Earth science data products, observations and models. NASA seeks to further enable user communities by ensuring that the code for these software and tools is made freely available through open source software licensing. The ESDS Open Source Policy makes it possible for internally- and externally-funded collaborators to provide code to those wishing to further investigate its capabilities.

Read the full ESDS Open Source Policy.

Open Services and APIs

The Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) provides convenient, service-based mechanisms for uniformly locating and accessing data and metadata across the multiple nodes from which EOSDIS can be accessed.

Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are sets of routines, tools, and protocols for how software components interact. To facilitate the full and open sharing of all data, metadata, documentation, models, images, and research results EOSDIS makes a number of APIs available.

Also of Interest

Earthdata Developer Portal

The Earthdata Developer Portal is for application developers who wish to build applications that search, access, and browse EOSDIS-hosted Earth science data. It is the central location for all publicly accessible developer documentation related to EOSDIS enterprise services and applications.

Earthdata Code Collaborative (ECC)

The Earthdata Code Collaborative is a platform for development, testing, and discovery of Earthdata-related applications and services. The ECC provides a ready-to-use framework for running tests every time a codebase changes and also makes recommendations about what testing frameworks and approaches to use.

Open Data

Open Data is the gateway to open.NASA's APIs. It is a NASA Open Innovation program in the Office of the Chief Information Officer's Technology and Innovation Division.

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