ECHO Client Partner Community

Welcome to the ECHO Client Partner community. ECHO Partners are encouraged to network within the community for developing applications and graphical user interface (GUI) development. The ECHO Client Partners are a diverse group of organizations that is continuously growing.

Operational Clients

Title Description Data Center URL
Reverb Reverb, the Next Generation Earth Science Discovery Tool, provides a new means for discovering, accessing, and invoking EOS data products and services. Users can submit cross-discipline queries, examine search results for relevancy using built-in tools, submit orders, perform bulk downloads, and invoke services via ECHO to the appropriate data providers Reverb
ESA The latest client which allows access into the ECHO holdings. The new EOLI Web Client provides access to ESA catalogues of EO products via a standard web browser, as well as to the catalogues of other data providers (for example DLR and NASA ECHO) and is part of ESA's eoPortal. ESA
GeoBrain The Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems (CSISS) at George Mason University (GMU) has designed, developed, and maintained an OpenGIS Catalog Service for Web (CSW) Wrapper for the NASA ECHO system. This package talks to the NASA ECHO system as a client on the back end, and exposes OGC standards-compliant metadata query and data order interfaces on the front end. As a GeoBrain system component, this package has been in operation from 2005, and has been continually updated to be complaint with each ECHO release after that. GeoBrain
Mirador Mirador is an earth science data search tool developed at the GES DISC for their data users. It has a drastically simplified, clean interface and employs the Google mini appliance for metadata keyword searches. Other features include quick response, spatial and parameter subsetting, data file hit estimator, Gazetteer (geographic search by feature name capability), and an interactive shopping cart. Mirador
ECHO-ESIP The ECHO-ESIP client is based on the OpenSearch search standard. OpenSearch is a collection of simple formats used to help people discover and use a common search engine for discovering results and/or syndicating search results. The ECHO-ESIP client is so named because it has also been developed in cooperation with the ESIP Federated Search Cluster's objective to "implement a federated search capability within ESIP, including space-time queries for individual data items." (See More) ECHO-ESIP

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