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User Resources

Find information and links to our print and multimedia outreach products, Sensing Our Planet publications, links to recorded monthly webinars and data tutorials, as well as other links to information on how to find, access and use NASA Earth science data information, data services and data tools.

Sensing Our Planet These articles describe research uses of Earth observing data from NASA Earth science data centers. They are published both in annual print publications and online.

Outreach Products

Suite of printed materials (e.g. posters, fact sheets, brochures, etc.) that help users find, access and use NASA EOSDIS data holdings.

Webinars and Tutorials

Data discovery, data access, and data tool webinars and tutorials for NASA EOSDIS data.

Who uses NASA Earth Science Data? User Profiles Featured profiles of users of NASA Earth Science data

Related URLs

List of URLs grouped according to category, e.g., general, educational and opportunities, etc.

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